Monday, April 15, 2013

Upcoming Senate Forensic Session--"Search for the Next University President--Senate Input"

I am happy to announce that at the last Senate Council meeting there was a consensus for formal Senate participation in the recent efforts by the outside consulting firm Isaacson Miller to gather information from important stakeholders at the university about what the Presidential search committees ought to be looking for in reviewing candidates for the next president of Penn State.  

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The forensic session will take place at the last Senate meeting of the Spring Term, April 23, 2013 at Kern Hall at Penn State. All faculty are encouraged to send their thoughts to their Senate representatives and all Senators are encouraged to speak up during the forensic.  The session is as important for whatever insights our executive search firm may choose to draw form it as it for the faculty's discussion of its sense of the appropriate relationships between faculty and high administrative officials and the character consequentially, of those who are fit to hold that position.  It is, in this sense, an important marker of faculty thinking about the character of shared governance and its expression in the person and office of president.  I am looking forward to a lively and informative session.  

Appendix B 4/23/13
Search for the Next University President—Senate Input (Forensic)

Penn State is searching for its eighteenth President. A Trustee Presidential Selection Council and University Presidential Search and Screen Committee have been named, following an announcement by President Rodney Erickson that he intends to retire no later than June 30, 2014. Assisting in this effort will be executive search firm Isaacson, Miller. A key component of the search will be to gather valuable input from the University community. All faculty, staff, students, and alumni have been encouraged to provide input to the presidential search firm to assist in the process. This forensic will enable the University Faculty Senate with an opportunity to provide its input.

The forensic will be facilitated by Daniel Hagen, Vice Chair of the University Presidential Search and Screen Committee and Immediate Past Chair of the Senate.

Discussion will center on two questions:
1. In three to five years, how will we know the right person was hired as president? 2. What are the personal attributes most important for our next president to embody?

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