Thursday, April 3, 2014

Working Toward a New Social Media Policy for Penn State--Some Resources for University Owned Social Media

I have been writing about issues of university control of social media and efforts to regulate the use of social media, including those neither owned nor controlled nor used for university purposes, but which are maintained by university employees. See Proposing a Set of Social Media Policy Guidelines For Penn State University and links there.

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This post includes links to social media policies for academic libraries.  There is much that might be usefully learned here as universities move forward toward social media policies respectful of their own interests and mission and those of the individual liberty interests of its faculty and staff. 

Social Media Policies in Academic Libraries


• Bucknell University Social Media Guidelines (dated April 1, 2011).

• Drexel University Queen Lane Library Social Media Policy.

• Duke University Social Media Policy Social Media Guidelines for Communicators (dated October 21, 2010).

• UNH Social Media Guidelines (dated January 19, 2012).

• University of Virginia Library Social Media Guide Social Media Guidelines and Special Issues (dated June 21, 2011)..

• Oregon State University Libraries Social Media Policy.

• University of Baltimore Langsdale Library Langsdale Library Social Media Policy (dated March 20, 2013).

• Walden University Library Social Networking Policy (dated January 15, 2013).

• Washington State University Libraries Social Media Policy (dated August 8, 2011).

Useful link:

Is Your Use of Social Media FERPA Compliant?

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